Our chapter is focused first and foremost on membership value. We want to hear from you! Contact us anytime for more information about the Chapter; to forward ideas on how we can improve; to offer your services as a speaker or volunteer; and/or to provide feedback about our activites.

 Click on a link below to contact a PMI OVOC Board or Operating Team member.oard of Directors

  Board of Directors
 President  Jennifer Read
 Secretary  Heidi Theelen
 Treasurer  Nadine Fortin
 Marketing & Communications  Jonathan Christie
 Membership  Alexandre Thome
 Partnerships  Yvan Bastien
 Education (Programs)  Pete Grieve
 Education (Certification)  Paul Romano
 Sponsorship  Srinivas Maram
 Technology  William Read
 Volunteers  Nathaniel Bruni


  Operating Team
 Event Registrar  Tina Hughes  Phone: 613-206-0927
 Bookkeeper  Marion Parisien  
 Technology Support  Brenda Williamson  


  Key Volunteer Positions
 Symposium Chair                       Pete Grieve
 Director of Volunteers  France Parisien
 Director of Mentoring  Hassan Ezdahmad
 Director of Marketing  Mike Cepalo


Mailing Address:
1568 Merivale Road
Suite 256
Ottawa, ON K2G 5Y7