April 2017 Saturday Seminar - KINGSTON

Outcomes-Focused Agility - Story Mapping for Strategic Intent

Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing.  Put in charge of nursing British and allied soldiers in Turkey during the Crimean War, Nightingale was the first person to define planned consequences from activity as the basis for action when she introduced evidence-based outcome indicators to nursing and healthcare.

Nightingale’s approach was later applied to outcomes-based education and in programme management with the introduction of ‘logic models’.

Nightingale was arguably the first person who figured out that you need to start with framing the result you want to achieve (the why) to determine what you should do, how you should do it, when you should it, and where you should do it. Nightingale used an inspect and adapt mindset to interpret actual health outcomes against expected ones, to determine her next course of action, which in some cases led to re-framing the expected results based on what they had learned so far.

Likewise, in this interactive session the two Larry's (Cooper and Sullivan) will guide you towards identifying the goals and objectives (the why) for a real world scenario, how to use a simple canvas and mapping technique to figure out what needs to be done and in what order, and how to adapt what gets done next, based on what you have learned so far.

The mapping technique is similar to story mapping in Agile, however in this case, it provides a deeper understanding of the true nature of projects in enterprise settings - this technique helps us story-map our strategic intent. It also helps us to more clearly identify and solve the minimum viable problem (MVP) and sets the context for value-centered decision making using frameworks such as Scrum.

It is the unidentified and unplanned work that often sinks many large efforts. Outcomes-focused agility provides the basis for this work to be continuously discovered and addressed. It enables organizations to end up where they need to be, which may not be where they had originally intended to be. These practices and techniques provide the clarity needed to deal with the uncertainty that surrounds complex problems and messes, while maintaining agility throughout delivery, including re-defining the problems themselves when necessary, using emergent thinking.

If you are a Portfolio or Project Manager, Outcomes-Focused Agility - Story Mapping for Strategic Intent will help you gain better insights into how value gets defined at an enterprise level, and provide a line-of-sight from strategic goals and objectives, down to the actual products to be built using Scrum and other frameworks/ practices. It helps business analysts and business leaders recognize that multi-year projects are in fact multiple related small projects within programs and portfolio’s that need to be orchestrated towards achieving business results.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to use goals and objectives as the building blocks for prioritizing value and strategic intent
  • How to use outcomes mapping to identify not only product development but also business process changes, organizational changes, procurement etc. and any other work that is needed to realize strategic intent
  • How to use iterative techniques in executing strategic change so that even goals and objectives can also be incrementally and iteratively delivered and improved


Presenter: Larry Cooper & Larry Sullivan

Larry Cooper is The Agility Series facilitator. Larry is also a Project Executive with close to 40 years in the public and private sectors in Canada and the USA and holds close to 25 industry certifications in Agile, Project Management, and ITIL. He was the invited agility expert at the 2016 PMI Global Congress in San Diego and is a featured blogger and webinar host in the Agile Practices area on ProjectManagement.com

His books include Organizational Agility: Values, Principles, and Traits (2016), Leadership Agility: Enabling Sustainable Organizations (2016), The Adaptive Strategy Framework Guide (2016),   Agile Value Delivery: Beyond the Numbers (2015), and the PortfolioPDQ Leadership Framework (2004) (co-author). 

Larry is the host of the Agility Series Webinar Channel on BrightTalk and was the Mentor for PRINCE2 Agile™ by AXELOS.

If you have not done so already, Larry invites you to join on The Agility Series LinkedIn group and be a part of the conversation at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8539263

Larry Sullivan:  After 30 years as an employee in the public service, most recently as the Chief Enterprise Architecture for a major department, Mr. Sullivan has spent much of the last 4 years sharing that knowledge and experience clients in the public sector.

Besides being Chief Enterprise Architect, Larry also held roles such as Director of Architecture and Chief of Consulting Services.

Larry helps clients with their strategic initiatives using outcomes focused-agility and other related practices.


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