PMI OVOC Speed Networking Members’ Event – SOLD OUT!



Relationships are not everything, but almost everything: the circles we join and the people we spend time with often determine the opportunities presented to us.  On June 17th, Members of PMI OVOC had the opportunity to build new relationships as they gathered at the HUB Ottawa for PMI OVOC's member speed networking event.

Over 50 members and 9 facilitators came together to share ideas, connect and lay foundations for future interactions.

We’ve seen lively conversations, hands shaking and business cards flying from owners to future partners…but now what?

Well, after a networking event, it is illogical to think that instant connections have been made. Take small steps, keep in touch, stay connected and be ready to collaborate or lend a helping hand. Now that you are armed with suggestions, feedback and a fistful of business cards; take a moment to follow-up with your new contacts.

Simply recall how much you enjoyed meeting them and try to reflect back on a point from the conversation. Keep in touch!


Reminder: give first, expect nothing in return!

If you missed this networking event, you will have another opportunity in November. PMI OVOC will continue this tradition of keeping the PM community alive and connected. Don’t miss out for your next date with your future!

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