Presentation 1:  Beyond Soft Skills - Achieve Success with Ease

Beyond Soft Skills is a program designed to share new business skills that can be used for growth and expansion within the workplace.  The program facilitates individuals and organizations to achieve success with ease.

The Beyond Soft Skills program goes beyond, yet complements, soft skills such as leadership and communications.  The program is experiential, and participants will have an opportunity to apply these skills in a supportive environment.   A sample of tools and techniques that will be covered in the program include the following:  

Tools for everyday sharing and how to expand day-to-day interactions 

Tools for becoming less judgmental, and how this can bring more ease 

Tools to amp up your ability to choose more efficiently in life and in the workplace

Tools for pausing and achieving clarity in direction 

Tools for applying humour in everyday situations 

Presenter:   Angela Cheng

Angela Cheng is a senior advisor and coach who works with business and IT representatives – from junior staff to VP level – to facilitate alignment, enable transformation, and get things done. Angela has about two decades in management consulting experience. She is fluidly capable in many areas – whether it be providing strategic business and technology advice, consulting on business architecture and transformation, leading projects, and optimizing and coaching on project management and requirements management practices. She has delivered several projects in the multi-tens of millions for clients. She is sought after for coaching teams and individuals on both the essentials of project management and requirements management, as well as coaching on key interpersonal skills to help individuals and teams to grow and expand. Angela’s nature and approach catalyzes people and organizations to lessen the need for drama, and to achieve success with more ease.  Angela has a bachelors and master’s degree in business and administration, is a certified Facilitator and Mediator, a Prince 2 Practitioner, and ITIL certified. She is also a Teacher and Coach in The Wonders Teacher Program, which is an intense lifetime program to achieve `walking your talk`.  She is passionate about helping others to uncover and to know their sufficiency to achieve their goals with more ease, and thus has developed the Beyond Soft Skills program. 

Presentation 2:
Fundamentals of Analysing Risk in Environments with Complex Dependency Relationships

Rory Kilburn, –VP Risk & Resilience, RiskLogik

Philip O’Neill, PhD – Chief Scientist, RiskLogik

“Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions.” – Peter Senge

Over the past 15 years, the discipline of risk management has made significant progress in communicating the need for organizations to identify and address their most significant risks.  Currently, most organizations analyze risks by estimating the likelihood of occurrence and the degree of impact of each one in isolation from the others. However, assessing risks individually is effective only if they are truly independent. 

Network risk analysis is a method that is aimed at understanding the propagation of risks in environments that have dependency relationships. It allows risk managers to model more realistically the complexity of the real world by taking these relationships into account. Analysing the connectedness of the risk environment allows risk managers to visualize how risks are connected, both directly and indirectly, and what the cascading impact of a realized risk would be. The output of network risk analysis reveals direct and indirect risk exposures that are not apparent with traditional techniques that consider each risk as independent of all the other risks in the environment.  

This workshop will introduce the foundational concepts behind network risk analysis. Through case examples and hands-on exercises, you will learn:

  • Why dependence between risks matters,
  • How to construct a network dependency model that provides a realistic map of the network of risks in a project, 
  • How the results of a network risk analysis can be applied to identify the relationships between risk owners that must be forged to manage risksH that cross project silos and boundaries, and
  • How software tools can be used to analyse the dependencies between risks more deeply to reveal previously unrecognized ‘black swan' senarios.

Presenter:   Rory Kilburn

Rory is a successful leadership and strategic development consultant with over 30 years of experience in military and government organizations in Canada and abroad.  A former senior officer, he has extensive experience in diverse strategic and business planning processes.  

His experience has included building capacity in strategic planning in the Ministries of Education in Afghanistan and South Sudan, and working with senior government officials in those ministries to help them achieve strategic goals.  He has developed and conducted realistic scenario training exercises to prepare senior military, police and government officials for major national events including the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and 2010 G8/G20 Summits.  

Rory is currently VP for Risk & Resilience Solutions with RiskLogik.  He conducts resilience assessments of organizations and their strategic processes in the public and private sectors.  He specializes in designing models and running scenarios to demonstrate the interdependencies between and within systems, and facilitates changes in strategic management processes to help improve organizational resilience. 

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