Leadership in the 21st Century

We live in a constantly evolving and changing world that is becoming more global by the minute. What happens anywhere in the world generally is around the world in minutes. With that in mind, the dynamic of society and therefore, business is constantly evolving.  What F. Taylor called the scientific management may not hold quite true, as these people are not machines and do not want to be thought of as machines.  

The evolvement of leadership has also continued generally going from a personally based ‘charismatic leader’ to a more process based leadership, which at times is a much flatter organizational structure. In recent years ‘values-based leadership’ has become quite popular. A more specific concept of this values-based leadership is the concept of ‘the servant as leader’ by Robert Greenleaf, which I refer to as ‘quiet’ leadership. I will be talking about this concept of ‘servant as leader’ and give examples of how it works in different organizations.                                  

PRESENTER:   John Phelan, Associate Professor, Queen's University

John Phelan is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Business (Area - Organizational Behaviour), Queen's University. His area of study is ethics and authentic leadership.

He has been recognized for his teaching skills, winner of Smith School of Business Commerce Society President's Award Class of 2005 and also again in 2006, which recognized the professor's overall contribution to the graduating class.

He has been involved in the Queen's Executive Development program since 1989 and he is well-known for his view on the importance of personal philosophy of life and lifestyle balance. A very simple version of his being - "Life is a choice and I choose to be happy!".

John Phelan is in high demand for his approaches to leadership, coaching and team effectiveness. John has been involved as a Mental Skills Coach (Sports Psychology and team effectiveness) for the past 15 years with several NHL teams including, Ottawa Senators, Florida Panthers, New York Rangers. Winnipeg Jets and the Vancouver Canucks.

John has worked with many other organizations including, Team Canada Men's Ice Hockey 2002 and 2006 Olympics, Team Canada Fall 2004 (the Canadian World Cup winning hockey team), Canadian Olympic Sailors (Tornado Class - 2004 - Greece Games). A high light of his career was 2002 Canadian Men's Olympic Gold Medal winners in Salt Lake City. In addition, John has worked with such varied organizations as Suncor Energy, Canadian Military (J.O.G.), Canadian Dental Association, Limestone School District, Multi-Laser and others.

John has coached at a high level (1994-96) - PEI Senators of the American Hockey League). John has taught at Queen's School of Physical & Health Education in the area of Psychology of Coaching and Leadership (1989-1994). He has coached for over 25 years, including Men's and Women's Elite Rugby teams, Queen's University Men's Ice Hockey and English Professional Ice Hockey League.

He is a former member and captain of the Canadian National Rugby team and is always looking for a squash partner.  

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