The Elections Committee has been hard at work for the past few weeks, canvassing the membership for candidates for election to the 2017 PMI OVOC Board of Directors.   The team is pleased to present a qualified slate of candidates for election.  
This year 3 Director Positions are up for election.
The vote will be conducted on-line starting February 13, 2017 and running through to March 6th, 2017. An email will be sent to you inviting you to vote.
Please direct any inquiries to the Elections Committee at

 Board Structure2017 Elections

Key Dates

 Milestones  Start Date  End Date
 Voting Process

February 13

March 6
 Election Results Announcment in The Leader  March 15 March 29
 New Board Member transition meeting April 12 April 12

For additional information please contact

Manual Voting

As an active member of the Chapter, you should have received an e-mail requesting you to vote.  If you did not receive an e-mail requesting your vote, or if you have already voted on-line, you will not be able to access the on-line voting page.  As an alternative, please download a manual ballot. Follow the instructions on the form to mail, e-mail or fax your response to PMI OVOC by March 6th 2017 (last date of election).  When voting manually, a check will be made using your PMI number to verify that you have not already voted on-line.  The voting committee will use your electronic vote first and discard all duplicate manual votes.  All ballots with missing PMI numbers will be discarded.

When voting manually, please send your vote to one of the following:

                  •  Email to 
  •  Regular post addressed to:   

2017 Elections Committee
1568 Merivale Road, Suite 256
Ottawa, ON K2G 5Y7

All manual votes must be received by End of Day March 6th, 2017 (last day of election) to be counted.

PMI OVOC Election Documents

Below are the PMI OVOC 2017 Election documents for potential candidates to download.

For additional information please contact


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