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The PDUs that are applicable for PMPs who attend this event are shown under each day of the Symposium.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 Wednesday, October 25, 2017
 Technical PDU's    1.5
 Leadership PDU's     2.5
 Business and Strategic PDU's   3.0
TOTAL   7.0
 Technical PDU's    2.0
 Leadership PDU's     2.0
 Business and Strategic PDU's   3.0
TOTAL   7.0
7:00 Registration
7:00 Breakfast & Networking
8:30 Opening Ceremonies & Announcements
8:45 Take Your Time and Enjoy
the Team Experience

Presented by Mark Mortimer
Customer Centric Project

Presented by Charles Villanyi Bokor
9:40 Keynote Speaker
The Evolution of You at Work
Presented by Dr. Mary Donohue
10:40 Refreshment Break & Networking
10:50 "I Want YOU to Project Manage
This One"

Presented by Keith Archer
Effective Communication: Timeless Principles
in a Crazy World

Presented by Norman Bowley
12:00 Lunch & Networking
13:00 Driving Business Results with Scrum
Presented by Dave Todaro
Dealing with the Challenges of Project Fatigue
Presented by Lisa Prentiss
14:00 Planning Learning Projects
Presented by Kevin McGowan
Preparing for your Project Management Interview
Presented by Suzanne Kostron
15:00 Refreshment Break & Networking
15:15 End of Day 1 Announcements
15:30 Resilience in Your Professional and Personal Lives
Presented by Hal Hughes
Stop Looking for Project Success in the Same Place
You Lost It - Redefine Project Success Using
Proven Change Principle Techniques

Presented by Michael Lamb & Carlos Zaidi
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7:00 Registration
7:00 Breakfast & Networking
8:30 Medical Device Dev Project:
Leadership for Success

Presented by Nathalie Methot &
Trish Bolechowsky
Increasing Customer Satisfaction:
Exploring Design Thinking with
the End-Client in Mind

Presented by Nilufer Erdebil
9::30 Keynote Speaker
The Creative Storm For Project Management Professionals:
How To Ignite Creative Leadership And Lead Innovation In The New Economy

Presented by Nelson Cabral
10:30 Refreshment Break & Networking
10:45 Is There Still Gender Inequality in Canadian Workplaces?
Presented by Krista Shibata
Agile Estimating and Planning
Presented by Dave Todaro
Lunch & Networking
13:00 A Look into Bringing Large-Scale
Non-Profit Sporting Competitions to
a Community: From Halifax to
the Attempt to Bring the 2021 Canada Games to Ottawa

Presented by Lindsay Hugenholtz
The Value of EVM
(Earned Value Management)

Presented by Jonathan Shriqui
14:00 Elephant in the Room
(Stakeholder Management)

Presented by Ori Schibi
IBR (Integrated Baseline Review) -
The One Meeting You Don't Want to Miss

Presented by Jonathan Shriqui
 15:00 Refreshment Break & Networking
15:15 The Soft Arts
Presented by Fahd Gulzar
RFP Sins Keeping You From
Receiving Kick Ass Proposals

Presented by Keith Parker
16:15 End of Day 2 Announcements
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7:00   Registration
7:00   Breakfast & Networking

The Creative Storm For Project Management Professionals:
Igniting A Pervasive Culture of Innovation

Presented by Nelson Cabral

PDU Allocation:  3.5 Business and Strategic

Catching the Wave Presents an Executive
Overview of Accountability in Cloud Projects

Presented by David Shaw

PDU Allocation:  2.5 Business and Strategic; 1.0 Technical

12:00   Lunch & Networking

Scrum Master Certification in 1/2 Day
Presented by Kevin Aguanno

PDU Allocation:  2.5 Technical; 1.0 Business and Strategic 

How to Get the Best Results from
Your Project Team

Presented by Francine Provost

PDU Allocation: 3.0 Leadership; 0.5 Business and Strategic

16:30   End of Day
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