Call for Speakers for the 2017 NCPMS (National Capital Project Management Symposium)


Thank-you for your interest in presenting at the 2017 NCPMS this upcoming October 24, 25 (2 Day Symposium dates), plus October 26th (Workshop date).

This year's theme is "Transforming Project Management Excellence: Driving Change".    Never before has the project management community been confronted with so many challenges and potential obstacles on how we perform project leadership.  

The challenges are both internally within organizations caused because of a changing workplace demographic and a drive to get more done with less (less people, less resources, less time); as well as externally with rapidly introduced new technology and a changing industry or marketplace that could mean changes involving your customers or how you deliver projects to them.

Examples of the topics we are hoping to showcase (but not limited to):

  1. Hot topics in the industry right now:   Digital Transformation;  Big Data;  Social Media Impacts;
  1. Insights and Lessons Learned from specific projects such as major software implementations; or construction (such as LRT, Lansdowne or LeBreton Flats developments, or other major construction projects); or medical or education implementations
  1. Traditional project management topics with an emphasis on change such as agile; lean/six sigma; risk management; scope; costing; procurement; etc.
  1. Leadership and Effective Communications within this new reality;
  1. Possible 3rd track dedicated to Diversity including:  Women in Project Management; Millennials in the workplace; 3 generations in the workplace (including the "Sandwich Generation"); Stress Management; Tools for PM's to look after oneself such as Mindfulness; and Resilience.
  1. Impacts of the above to project, program and portfolio management. 

The above are examples, we welcome and are open to other strong ideas and topics as well.

The goal for the 2017 NCPMS is to bring new, innovative topics to the conference in an educational and dynamic format. 

We invite you to submit ideas that you are truly passionate about that can help the Ottawa-area Project Management community expand their knowledge, skillset, and experience; and make their 2 or 3 days worthwhile and exciting.

On behalf of the 2017 NCPMS Planning Committee we are very excited to bring new ideas, thoughts, and experiences to our participants to enhance their knowledge and aid in their project management journey.

Best Regards,

Pete Grieve
2017 NCPMS Symposium Chair 

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