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October 23


It is essential in the 21st century that Project Managers display effective leadership traits and have dynamic qualities that can make real change within their project team.  These leadership qualities can make the difference in how successful a project will be.

The saying "leaders are created not born" is true because anyone has the ability to become an effective leader if you have the right and will to learn and make a change.

In today’s multi-faceted workplace Project Managers are required to practice a dynamic leadership style that is dual-focused on adaptive leadership that allows them to react to fast pace changes by observing and in turn being proactive. Project Managers must employ a fluid style of leadership that they adjust based on the project team that they are leading and they must foresee the required changes before they become detrimental to the project.

Join us on October 23-25, 2018 at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre on 200 Coventry Road for Canada’s most distinguished project management event the PMI OVOC National Capital Project Management Symposium. This event brings together industry leaders and Project Managers for valuable networking, leadership development. Intensive learning and excellent speakers.