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The Project Management Institute Ottawa Valley Outaouais Chapter (PMI OVOC) is one of the largest Project Management chapters in Canada and a consistent top performing chapter globally.  This would not be possible without the many capable and motivated volunteers who contribute to enhancing existing programs and building new ones for the benefit of members.  In order to recognize devoted and loyal volunteers, PMI OVOC has created a Volunteer Recognition Program.

The Volunteer Recognition Program's goal is to create a culture of appreciation and recognition within PMI OVOC. The program will achieve its goal by providing a standardized Reward and Recognition Program which defines rewards for various categories of volunteers such as Board Members, Operational Leads, and Project Managers as outlined below. 

Rewards include various awards such as attendance at Leadership and regional conferences leadership and volunteer training etc...

One way in which PMI OVOC recognizes their volunteers is with an Annual Volunteer Recognition Event. 

The Annual Volunteer Recognition Event is when PMI OVOC recognizes its volunteers who have been nominated by Board Members, Operational Leads, and/ or Project Managers as having provided a large contribution to the project management community over the past year. The types of awards as well as the recent recipients are listed below.

Next Generation of Project Manager – recognizes younger Project Managers (under 35) whose commitment, results, energy and enthusiasm reflect well on the chapter.

Pathfinder - recognizes creativity, innovation, strategic thinking, determination and the ability of the volunteer to build something tangible from nothing.

Team Builder - recognizes people, teambuilding and interpersonal skills and an ability to strong and enduring relationships.

Project Manager – recognizes a project manager whose leadership, team building and coordination skills delivered value to the chapter.

Program Manager - recognizes an individual's ability to develop and deliver a vision-bringing value to the chapter as a leader, team builder and coordinator.
Thought Leader – recognizes an individual who made an outstanding contribution to the Chapter, to project management excellence, and who displayed exemplary leadership.

Best Supporter - recognizes significant contributions working behind the scenes in a supportive role