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2018 Presentations
2018-05-23 Lunch Seminar Don't Fear the Breakdown: Empowering Your Projects (and Sanity) with a WBS 
2017 Presentations  
2017-09-27 Lunch Seminar Avoiding the Hooks and Converting the Dragons: Growing Emotional Intelligence 
2017-04-29 Saturday Seminar Outcomes-Focused Agility
Outcomes-Focused Agility- Presentation Handouts
2017-04-26 Lunch Seminar Making a Difference in Today's Non-Profit Sector
2017-02-25 Saturday Seminar Time Management - The Growth Tool
2017-02-22 Lunch Seminar The Seven Deadly Sins of Communications
2016 Presentations  
2016-09-28 Lunch Seminar CMC Best Practices for a PMP
2016-09-24 Saturday Seminar PMI Bringing in Innovation Condensed
2016-05-25 Lunch Seminar Social Media for Project Managers
2016-02-27 Saturday Seminar PMI Culture of Innovation Condensed
2016-02-24 Lunch Seminar Are you an Agile Project Manager or an Agile Project Leader?
2015 Presentations  
2015-12-25 Lunch Seminar Business Relationship Management - It Takes Two to Tango
2015-10-13 Symposium Track Session Communications in an Accessible World with AODA and Bill C78 - A. Ubbink
  Symposium Track Session Project/Program Assessment Using Industry Best Practices - Z. Dhalwani & Z. Jadavji
  Symposium Track Session Empowering Project Teams - R. Gendron
  Symposium Track Session Industry Differences in PM Practice - K. Archer
  Symposium Track Session Earned Value Management: Go Beyond the Numbers - J. Shriqui
  Symposium Track Session Solve the Right Problem, Start the Right Project - R. Hunt & G. Crotty
  Symposium Track Session Delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM Projects Successfully with Sure Step - P. Ng
  Symposium Track Session Program and Transformational Change Management in a Non-Profit Governmental Environment - J. Olivier
2015-10-12  Symposium Keynote The Importance of International Economic Development - W. Harris
  Symposium Track Session >DND Carling Campus Project - J. Bennett 
  Symposium Track Session Definition & Characteristics of Smart Power Grid & The Role of V2Gs - F. Khosrojerdi
  Symposium Track Session How To Be A Winner In Today's Project Management World - A. Price
  Symposium Track Session Improving the Odds of Project Success: Tactical Stakeholder Development - F. Paquette
  Symposium Track Session When is Your Project Not a Project - A. Smart
  Symposium Track Session Strengthen Your Project Management Leadership Skills - L. Retfalvi
  Symposium Track Session Determining Labour Contingency and Integrating It into the Project Plan - B. Bates
  Symposium Track Session Launching an Enterprise-Wide Solution My Government of Canada Human Resources (My GCHR) - T. Labelle
2015-02-21 Saturday Seminar Practical Steps For Overcoming Networking Inertia Workshop
2014 Presentations  
2014-11-07 Kingston Seminar PMBOK, PRINCE2, Agile - Competitors or Comrades
2014-05-28 Lunch Seminar Using PRINCE2 with the PMBOK
2014-04-30 Lunch Seminar Getting Projects Back on Track
2014-03-12 Breakfast Seminar Leading Mindfully
2014-02-27 Lunch Seminar PRINCE2 in a 1000 Words
2014-02-26 Lunch Seminar Mixing Fire and Ice - Agile & PRINCE2
2014-01-25 Saturday Seminar Program Management
2013 Presentations  
2013-11-27 Lunch Seminar Let's Talk PM Leadership
2013-11-13 Breakfast Seminar Fostering Creativity
2013-09-14 Saturday Seminar EA & Project Management
2013-06-15 Breakfast Seminar Design IS Magic
2013-06-15 Saturday Seminar Beyond The Secrets
2013-06-12 Breakfast Seminar Prince2 & APMG Family of Best Practices
2013-05-29 Lunch Seminar Proven Strategies for Org BP Adoption
2013-04-24 Lunch Seminar The Future of Agile in Organizations
2013-02-27 Lunch Seminar ITIL V3 2011 and Project Management
2013-04-20 Saturday Seminar Geo-Enabled Program and PM
2013-01-30 Lunch Seminar When Project Management isa Project Risk
2013-01-18 Saturday Seminar Lean Six Sigma - Beyond the Factory Floor
2012 Presentations  
2012-11-28 Lunch Seminar Panic to Passion to Success. The OPS Story
2012-10-03 Breakfast Seminar Work-Life Balance - Aviation Tools
2012-09-26 Lunch Seminar PM Frameworks & Project Assessments
2012-09-15 Saturday Seminar Beginning Lean
2012-06-13 Breakfast Seminar Canada Games
2012 Seminar Presenting Ideas & Getting Buy-In - How to Decode and Make Sense of the People Puzzle
2011 Presentations  
2011-11-19 Lunch Seminar Beyond the Secrets - PMI OVOC Final
2011-09-28 Seminar Producers & Directors - Uncensored
2011 Lunch Seminar How to Successfully Implement an Agile Project - A Management Viewpoint
2010 Presentations  
2010-08-25 Seminar Volunteer Management Trains with Jeopardy
2010-06-23 Seminar Project Communications - Change Management Perspective
2010-02-24 Seminar Communication Tools for Project Managers - Deciding & Doing
2010  Seminar The Lazy Project Manager - Productive Laziness
2010 Seminar Lessons Learned from Project Managing Deep Green Projects
2010 Saturday Seminar Strategic Planning, Portfolio and Project Processes: Interactions and Interdependencies
2009 Presentations  
2009-06-15 Breakfast Seminar APM09 Project Health Check Workshop
2009-04-25 Saturday Seminar 12 Steps to Process Improvement
2009-04-25 Breakfast Seminar Info Sec Support
2009-03-28 Saturday Seminar False Friends
2009 Seminar Recognizing and Resolving Conflict:  Ottawa 2009
2009 Seminar A Calm Manager for a Calm Project Team