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2019 Presentations
2019-04-24 Lunch Seminar Change Management: An Essential Skill for Project Managers
2019-02-23 Saturday Seminar Session 1:  Cyber 101
  Session 2:  Adopting Cloud Services Securely
    Session 3:  Ransomware and How to Deal With It
    Internet Security Threat Report
    2018 Data Breach Investigations Report
2018 Presentations
2018-09-16 Breakfast Seminar Process Improvement with LeanSigma - a Project Management Methodology 
2018-05-23 Lunch Seminar Don't Fear the Breakdown: Empowering Your Projects (and Sanity) with a WBS 
2017 Presentations  
2017-10-26 Symposium Workshop Catching the Wave Presents an Executive Overview of Accountability in Cloud Projects
2017-10-25 Symposium Keynote The Creative Store for Project Management Professionals: How to Ignite Creative Leadership and Lead Innovation in the New Economy
  Symposium Track Session Medical Device Dev Project: Leadership for Success 
  Symposium Track Session  Increasing Customer Satisfaction: Exploring Design Thinking with the End-Client in Mind 
  Symposium Track Session  Is There Still Gender Inequality in the Canadian Workplace? 
  Symposium Track Session A Look into Bringing Large-Scale Non-Profit Sporting Competitions to a Community: From  Halifax to the Attempt to Bring the 2021 Canada Games to Ottawa 
  Symposium Track Session  TheValue of EVM (Earned Value Management) 
  Symposium Track Session  Elephant in the Room (Stakeholder Management) 
  Symposium Track Session   IBR (Integrated Baseline Review) - The One Meeting You Don't Want to Miss 
  Symposium Track Session  The Soft Arts 
  Symposium Track Session  RFP Sins Keeping You From Receiving Kick-Ass Proposals 
2017-10-24 Symposium Keynote The Evolution of You at Work
Symposium Track Session Take Your Time and Enjoy the Team Experience
Symposium Track Session Customer Centric Project Management 
  Symposium Track Session "I want YOU to Project Manage This One"
  Symposium Track Session Effective Communication: Timeless Principles in a Crazy World
  Symposium Track Session Driving Business Results with Scrum 
  Symposium Track Session Mentoring Millennials
  Symposium Track Session Planning Learning Projects 
  Symposium Track Session Preparing for your Project Management Interview
  Symposium Track Session Resilience in Your Professional and Personal Lives
  Symposium Track Session Stop Looking for Project Success in the Same Place You Lost It - Redefine Project Success Using Proven Change It Principle Techniques  
2017-09-27 Lunch Seminar Avoiding the Hooks and Converting the Dragons: Growing Emotional Intelligence 
2017-04-29 Saturday Seminar Outcomes-Focused Agility
Outcomes-Focused Agility- Presentation Handouts
2017-04-26 Lunch Seminar Making a Difference in Today's Non-Profit Sector
2017-02-25 Saturday Seminar Time Management - The Growth Tool
2017-02-22 Lunch Seminar The Seven Deadly Sins of Communications
2016 Presentations  
2016-09-28 Lunch Seminar CMC Best Practices for a PMP
2016-09-24 Saturday Seminar PMI Bringing in Innovation Condensed
2016-05-25 Lunch Seminar Social Media for Project Managers
2016-02-27 Saturday Seminar PMI Culture of Innovation Condensed
2016-02-24 Lunch Seminar Are you an Agile Project Manager or an Agile Project Leader?
2015 Presentations  
2015-12-25 Lunch Seminar Business Relationship Management - It Takes Two to Tango
2015-10-13 Symposium Track Session Communications in an Accessible World with AODA and Bill C78 - A. Ubbink
  Symposium Track Session Project/Program Assessment Using Industry Best Practices - Z. Dhalwani & Z. Jadavji
  Symposium Track Session Empowering Project Teams - R. Gendron
  Symposium Track Session Industry Differences in PM Practice - K. Archer
  Symposium Track Session Earned Value Management: Go Beyond the Numbers - J. Shriqui
  Symposium Track Session Solve the Right Problem, Start the Right Project - R. Hunt & G. Crotty
  Symposium Track Session Delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM Projects Successfully with Sure Step - P. Ng
  Symposium Track Session Program and Transformational Change Management in a Non-Profit Governmental Environment - J. Olivier
2015-10-12  Symposium Keynote The Importance of International Economic Development - W. Harris
  Symposium Track Session DND Carling Campus Project - J. Bennett 
  Symposium Track Session Definition & Characteristics of Smart Power Grid & The Role of V2Gs - F. Khosrojerdi
  Symposium Track Session How To Be A Winner In Today's Project Management World - A. Price
  Symposium Track Session Improving the Odds of Project Success: Tactical Stakeholder Development - F. Paquette
  Symposium Track Session When is Your Project Not a Project - A. Smart
  Symposium Track Session Strengthen Your Project Management Leadership Skills - L. Retfalvi
  Symposium Track Session Determining Labour Contingency and Integrating It into the Project Plan - B. Bates
  Symposium Track Session Launching an Enterprise-Wide Solution My Government of Canada Human Resources (My GCHR) - T. Labelle
2015-02-21 Saturday Seminar Practical Steps For Overcoming Networking Inertia Workshop
2014 Presentations  
2014-11-07 Kingston Seminar PMBOK, PRINCE2, Agile - Competitors or Comrades
2014-05-28 Lunch Seminar Using PRINCE2 with the PMBOK
2014-04-30 Lunch Seminar Getting Projects Back on Track
2014-03-12 Breakfast Seminar Leading Mindfully
2014-02-27 Lunch Seminar PRINCE2 in a 1000 Words
2014-02-26 Lunch Seminar Mixing Fire and Ice - Agile & PRINCE2
2014-01-25 Saturday Seminar Program Management
2013 Presentations  
2013-11-27 Lunch Seminar Let's Talk PM Leadership
2013-11-13 Breakfast Seminar Fostering Creativity
2013-09-14 Saturday Seminar EA & Project Management
2013-06-15 Breakfast Seminar Design IS Magic
2013-06-15 Saturday Seminar Beyond The Secrets
2013-06-12 Breakfast Seminar Prince2 & APMG Family of Best Practices
2013-05-29 Lunch Seminar Proven Strategies for Org BP Adoption
2013-04-24 Lunch Seminar The Future of Agile in Organizations
2013-02-27 Lunch Seminar ITIL V3 2011 and Project Management
2013-04-20 Saturday Seminar Geo-Enabled Program and PM
2013-01-30 Lunch Seminar When Project Management isa Project Risk
2013-01-18 Saturday Seminar Lean Six Sigma - Beyond the Factory Floor
2012 Presentations  
2012-11-28 Lunch Seminar Panic to Passion to Success. The OPS Story
2012-10-03 Breakfast Seminar Work-Life Balance - Aviation Tools
2012-09-26 Lunch Seminar PM Frameworks & Project Assessments
2012-09-15 Saturday Seminar Beginning Lean
2012-06-13 Breakfast Seminar Canada Games
2012 Seminar Presenting Ideas & Getting Buy-In - How to Decode and Make Sense of the People Puzzle
2011 Presentations  
2011-11-19 Lunch Seminar Beyond the Secrets - PMI OVOC Final
2011-09-28 Seminar Producers & Directors - Uncensored
2011 Lunch Seminar How to Successfully Implement an Agile Project - A Management Viewpoint
2010 Presentations  
2010-08-25 Seminar Volunteer Management Trains with Jeopardy
2010-06-23 Seminar Project Communications - Change Management Perspective
2010-02-24 Seminar Communication Tools for Project Managers - Deciding & Doing
2010  Seminar The Lazy Project Manager - Productive Laziness
2010 Seminar Lessons Learned from Project Managing Deep Green Projects
2010 Saturday Seminar Strategic Planning, Portfolio and Project Processes: Interactions and Interdependencies
2009 Presentations  
2009-06-15 Breakfast Seminar APM09 Project Health Check Workshop
2009-04-25 Saturday Seminar 12 Steps to Process Improvement
2009-04-25 Breakfast Seminar Info Sec Support
2009-03-28 Saturday Seminar False Friends
2009 Seminar Recognizing and Resolving Conflict:  Ottawa 2009
2009 Seminar A Calm Manager for a Calm Project Team